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Windows: Prozess ist in einen unbekannten Zustand, kann nicht beendet werden. System kann deswegen nicht herunterfahren.

*liest antworten von WinAdmins im www zum Problem*

Ich möchte NIEMALS Windows administrieren. Lieber schieß ich mir einen rostigen Bolzen ins Knie.

As a Corona lerning project I played around quite a bit with . But I noticed that the Fedora build lacks almost all video capabilities, does not offier a build and UnitedRPM (amon other problems interacting with RPMfusion) lacks other crucial features. So I am now running a build compiled from sources... I guess it is now time to look into how to properly build an RPM out of it and propose it to rpmfusion :shrug:

It's 2 weeks since I joined Mastodon and I still like it. I guess, now is the time to introduce myself to you!

I'm a guy from Europe, beginning 40's, was always fascinated of computers. I started off with my C64 and soon coded my own little text based game in BASIC.

Using Linux as main OS for years but I'm far from being an expert.

Studying forensic engineering while having a full-time job (computer stuff too) and working with archaeologists in my (always short) spare time 👋 🙂

These files are actually "GeoTiff" files, with >= 32bpp and cannot be displayed with most image viewers. But there is a plugin for <3

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Disabling silent streams for snd_hda actually also seem to do the trick and keeps hdmi audio working:
Inject the following to modprobe:
options snd_hda_codec_hdmi enable_silent_stream=N

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Es ist ja absolut großartig, was die NASA so alles zur Verfügung stellt. Z. B. dieses github-repo, in dem viele 3D-Modelle drin sind. u. A. dem Perseverance Rover, der heute Abend 21:55 (CET) auf dem Mars landen wird:

Threre seem to be issues in 5.10.4+ - somehow related to audio via hdmi maybe, usually results in random gfx glitches and gpu hangs/system freezes. snd_hda_codec_hdmi errors or gpu hang messages (in log / dmesg) might confirm this.
Rolling back to Kernel <= 5.10.3 or blacklisting snd_hda_codec_hdmi might help mitigating.


Happy 30th birthday to Lemmings! Dundee based DMA Design's classic puzzle game was released for the Commodore Amiga on February 14th 1991.

But did you know that there's a Lemmings statue in Dundee?


Habe Berliner abgepackt und leg es als Investment ins Eisfach.

Klimawandel bedingt gibt es das in 20 Jahren dann in hippen -Mitte Bars als rares exquisites Coktail-Topping <3

And this, kids, is why you usually don't reply to spam. Because it makes you a spammer and WILL get yourself onto a blacklist. Congratz jerk admin.

Current state of mind: "usb 3-2: Not enough host controller resources for new device state"

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