Reason #1 against using FreeBSD: The incredibly slow "speed" of the update servers. It is absolutely ridiculous. I am talking about speeds in the rage of several Kilobytes/s ...

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@Commander1024 Which package server do you use? It had been really bad in Europe last year. (100-200kB/).
Since the introduction of a new mirror in Amsterdam which is well connected, those problems went away in my reception.

@MacLemon I'm talking about freebsd-update. It sucks on currently. And there is a direct peering session to ams-ix ... But I didn't find a mirrorlist or a possibility to exchange them without hacking the update script ...

@Commander1024 The update servers are Anycast Addresses depending on your “geolocation” (based off of your IP address). To which IP does resolve?

For me (in AT) this is currently a server in Newcastle/WA/US (which is, admittedly stupid).

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