The Pixel 4a looks really good 🧐
Too bad I don't buy Google stuff anymore

Job ad
> "native App-Developer"
> required: experience with JavaScript

Anyone received the update via Google Play yet? It seems super slow, hasn't even published the nightly from yesterday 🀨

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Todays update to nightly will be pretty close to 12 beta, which I will release in the next days

I checked translations: Hindi, Malayalam and Slovak could really need some attention. If you want to help translating those or any other language, go to our :

Does any Mastodon app already implement e2e encryption?

I am learning iOS Development at work and it makes me appreciate Kotlin so much more

I applied for a grant that would allow me to work full time on @Tusky. Wish me luck.

Ok thx for the help. Just tried out fastmail and wow that setup experience was really nice. Lets see.

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Currently I have it selfhosted but it is just super annoying to maintain, I don't have the time for it.

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Whats a good email hosting service? I would like to have one inbox that catches my whole domain and be able to send from every address on that domain.

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The new hiding top bar in nightly has one problem: It doesn't integrate well with the options bar in the notification tab. As far as i know it is not possible to have both bars do the hide-on-scroll. Ideas how to work around that problem are very much welcome because its one of the few things blocking us from doing the next Tusky release.

That tabs at the bottom are awesome wow 🀀

Coming to today: Redesign of the main interface including a new preference to move the tabs to the bottom. Give me all the feedback, nothing is final here.

It is 2020 and my internet provider can't manage to give me a stable 20Mbit connection in the middle of a European capital wtf

What should be the default setting (of course everybody will always be able to switch in the preferences no matter the result of this poll)

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