Maybe I can drop them off somewhere in Vienna?

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Where can I find documentation on the /api/v1/accounts/:accountId/identity_proofs api? What fields are nullable etc @Gargron

Just tried the Googles safe browsing api, it does not detect any of the problematic links.
Any other ideas?

Maybe I could implement Google safe browsing or something like that to solve the issue 馃

I think I will have to shut down, it is getting abused for phishing 馃槖

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Czech food is mostly meat with sauce (I'm not complaining 馃い)

Where can I cancel a scheduled status in the web interface 馃

Coming to Nightly today: Bookmark support!
It will only work with Mastodon instances that already run the new bookmarks code. Of course we will wait to release it in the stable channel at least until Mastodon did a release as well.

Flossbros be like 

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F-Droid / meta 

Where can I find documentation on the /api/v1/accounts/:accountId/identity_proofs api? What fields are nullable etc @Gargron

I can't be at but I have a bunch of @Tusky stickers which should definitely be there. Who volunteers as official Tuskystickerdistributor?

Hello @fdroidorg it has come to my attention that you are hosting a barely modified version of @Tusky branded to a hateful Gab instance full of TERFs in your main repository. I suggest you nuke that app immediately if you don't want to be suspicious of supporting hatespeech.

First impression of migrating to Viewpager2: Wow this thing is fast 馃

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