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@ConnyDuck It should be noted that these are the same previews you already see if you open the detailed view for a post today

11 will be able to show link previews in all timelines (thx @Tak)
Now the question is: Should we make them opt-in or opt-out?

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10 status update: Beta is going well, no major bugs, we fixed ~10 smaller issues so far. There is some more polishing to be done, but I expect to release a final version in the next 7 days!
Thanks so much for beta testing, it really helps a lot! 💙

Why does a ScheduledStatus has an scheduled_at and a params.scheduled_at attribute? I am confuse.

For the first time I submitted a beta version of Tusky to @fdroidorg
Lets see if this can become a regular thing.

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Less than a week to Tusky 10 beta! Finaaaaaally

If you are no nightly tester but would like to become one, check our FAQ for more info on how to:

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Newest nightly is very close to what will be released as Tusky 10 beta soon. So if you are a nightly tester, now is the time to send me all your feedback!

In case you did not know, everybody can help improving the translations of on our Weblate:

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Just merged three new translations for : Islandic, Kabylian and Slovakian
I don't know who did these but its super awesome?

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