Maybe sombody here knows this: What link do I have to post so the Mastodon Api returns a Card of type "rich"?

Coming to nightly today thx to @Tak:
Instance mutes! Block the whole instance from a users profile, view your muted domains in the Account preferences!

New in nightly:
• The report process has been completely rewritten. Enjoy the new shiny interface while reporting fascists and terfs! You can even block them in the process.
• New Bengali localization

In Austria there is this thing called "netidee" (network idea) which apparently is the biggest opensource sponsor here and they currently have a call for proposals open. I wonder if they would sponsor Tusky or another fediverse app project.

Coming to nightly today: A update to the emoji fonts. 1 additional font (the new Google emojis) and updates to the existing fonts (you will have to redownload the font files)

@Gargron where can I find a guide on how to correctly implement cards?

Planned two days for a painting, worked a whole day on it and its like 20% done 😑

Tusky, Gab 

Tusky, Gab 

Tusky, Gab 

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Did you know what in #Tusky you can default blob emoji?


@Bobo_PK I merged a pull request that might fix your upload issue
Can you try out the nightly version 7.1-db989ce?

when an app sends three updates in a day, you know the devs fucked up 🙄

Coming to nightly today: Animated GIF avatars! Enable them in the settings.

> wanna do a quick fix
> find 100 things to refactor

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lmfaoooo yo github came for OpenCollective's LUNCH

this is also GitHub doing too much. what was once a nice UI over a VCS tool is now becoming ... anything

Ok there are a few. Good because then I can add brotli support to Tusky :3

Are there any major instances that support brotli compression?

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