So, dear beta users, please tell me your opinion about 6

@ConnyDuck There's nothing special to report. Every thing works as expected. Server shared filters are working fine.

@ConnyDuck Is there space for extra interface wishes just for me? 😬

@ConnyDuck A option to hide the arrow and star row. To have more place for toots in the timelime. The three dots menue could move unter the timestamp.

@ConnyDuck Love it. :) However, I don't really like the filter UI. Usually, I want to filter both public and home timeline. In the web, that's one step, leading to “$filterword (home, public)“. In the app, that's two steps, leading to “$filterword (home)“ and “$filterword (public)“. And it gets worse I wanted to include notifications and/or conversations.

Nonetheless, I'm really glad that they're now supported and in sync! And everything runs as small and as beautiful as always. :)

@ConnyDuck 👍 But I noticed two things today and didn't manage to check if those are already known (they probably are, but, just to be sure). One is in the notifications, sometimes the new (fav/boost) notifications have the avatar of an older one shown next to them. The other one is, one time a toot seemed to appear twice, and when I tapped the upper one, it actually opened a different toot that I couldn't see in the timeline.

@ConnyDuck customisable tabs is amazing :blobcatheart: although showing recipients profile picture next to dm's I wrote to them is confusing (just as it is in web). Why not do something like the boosts' double picture, to signify that I said something myself, but the conversation is with this person?

@ConnyDuck Oh, just encountered something. In both beta and nightly, avatars in the notifications got mixed up somehow, see attached screenshots.

I had a feeling, reset the app's cache and now it's back to normal again (for now?). Still wanted to let you know. :) (Not sure if it's already worth a Github issue?)

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