Coming to nightly today: new Norwegian translation thx to @vegardskjefstad

@ConnyDuck For some weird reason, I can't select Norwegian from the languages options menu, though :p

@vegardskjefstad yes I need to add that. But it should work if you select system language and change the system language

@vegardskjefstad there are still some strings missing for Norwegian, would be awesome if you could translate them as well

@ConnyDuck well, that's pretty weird. The strings were 100% translated when I sent you the DM four days ago. The weblate activity on my profile also shows that I recently translated all the strings that are now look like they are missing translations. Did your weblate install have a bit of a bad day?

@vegardskjefstad oh no thats bad. I will ask our Weblate admin maybe there is something that can be done to restore the strings

@vegardskjefstad looks like we cannot restore it, but we made sure it won't happen again. Im very sorry :(

@ConnyDuck that's a shame. I won't have the time to sit down and translate the remaining strings again until later this week, perhaps not until the weekend, or early next week. But it will be done 😊

@vegardskjefstad awesome! Thank you so much. The new strings will be in the next nightly release so you can check them. I will also add Norwegian to the in-App language selection.

@vegardskjefstad If you want you can request up to 50$ from our opencollective as compensation for your time

@ConnyDuck thanks for the information, but this is just me donating a couple of hours to the fediverse.

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