Any hints on how to reproduce the crashes in v6.0 are highly appreciated.

I already have a "blind" fix from the stacktraces but it would be nice to confirm the fix

I'm very sorry for the annoying crashes. For some reason they did not show up in the beta :(
And its a really bad timing, I am so busy with work this week and can't give Tusky the attention it deserves 🙁😞

6.1 has been released, it should be considerably less crashy

@ConnyDuck That’s ok. :) You’re doing such great work, that never seems to end!

Please don’t feel bad for not working even more!

@ConnyDuck Strange, I'm on 6.0 and haven't seen any crashes. Running Android 9 on a Pixel 3

@ConnyDuck Over here they seem to occur mostly when viewing (remote) user profiles. Some even seem to always trigger a crash; in other cases it happens intermittently.

@ConnyDuck Also, but less frequently, when opening the app or scrolling through my main timeline.

@janboddez what device and what Android version are you running? Anything special about you setup?

@ConnyDuck Moto G4, Android 7.0. Everything stock and up-to-date.

@janboddez can you try the current nightly please? At least some of the issues should be fixed there

@ConnyDuck Just did, and the cases I described before don't seem to trigger a crash anymore. (Thanks so much for all the work you're doing!)

@ConnyDuck I have problems with some versions of Android with the latest version of Conscrypt. Reverting may work but you'll loose some functionalities...

@nels ?¿? What problems on what versions of Android?

Every app using conscrypt >= 1.4 segfaults on my galaxy tab 3 10.1 (x86) on lineageos 14.1. I'm still investigating to see if it comes from the rom or conscrypt.

@ConnyDuck the new "scroll to top in profiles" is awesome! Thank you :)

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