So what sucks most about Tusky

@ConnyDuck missing a 'none of the above' option but moar faster is always moar better? ;)

@ConnyDuck neither of those. Its quite nice for many thinga. it doesn't support polls tho. And I wish it would at least get a little bit of the style of individual instances. But I guess that's hard

@ConnyDuck I know you're doing this to test stuff, but honestly: I don't think there's an app I love more than Tusky. The quality is amazing, the speed at which you're driving it's development is stunning. Thank you <3

@ConnyDuck it looks nice, it's not slow, it doesn't really crash. the real problem is lack of features. i use subway tooter because it updates very quickly to support new api stuff, even though tusky looks cleaner.

@ConnyDuck whats really missing is autocomplete of the users names. I would be happy if search suggests the name of people who I follow

@ConnyDuck another feature would be, to see things from other timeline perspektives. I self host as well, in my case it would be nice more than my small instance sees

@ConnyDuck It crashes sometimes, but I think that's when the cache is too big and my phone don't have enough stockage.

@ConnyDuck doesn't suck more than a black hole

Absolutely love #tusky! Never crashed for me 🤔

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