@ConnyDuck are you working on supporting the Mastodon Conversations API for DMs in Tusky? We could fund it or we can get some people to contribute it.

@feld you can already show your dms, just add an dm tab in the account settings

@ConnyDuck The Conversations API behaves differently with the DMs. They get grouped by conversation/user, and not just a timeline of messages.

@feld ?¿? its exactly the same as in the Web frontend

@ConnyDuck yeah, this is bad. It looks like Mastodon hasn't updated the Web frontend to support it either.

There should not be two threads/conversations from one user in the DMs tab.
@feld @ConnyDuck Uh, pretty sure mastodon (vanilla) did update it as I used the frontend to get some of how it behaves when I used to work on the MR for pleroma.
@lanodan @ConnyDuck Yeah I'm getting confused because this is behaving differently than I was told it should, and I've been out of the loop on this.

I was lead to believe the Conversations API would make all messages sorted by user, not by thread, and there would be no @mentions because it looks like a 1:1 instant messaging chat.
@feld @ConnyDuck Well, the new conversation thing works thread by thread because you can have multiple users in a thread and to mastodongs it didn’t make sense to separate by users instead.
And not sure where you got the chat thing, pleroma is the only one with an actual chat AFAIK.
@lanodan @ConnyDuck With Mast on iOS the DMs using conversations API actually looks like a 1:1 instant messaging conversation.

@feld @lanodan ah so its basically just a different layout for a Thread. Yeah we could do that in Tusky as well I guess

@ConnyDuck @lanodan I don't know if that's entirely necessary, we just had a very very strong desire for the Conversations API for $REASONS that I don't have right now and I was thrust into researching this in Tusky unexpectedly while my focus has been elsewhere for a while...
@feld @ConnyDuck @lanodan i talked with the masto guys about it a bit, i think the conversations api is not quite complete yet. It's still better than the current DM interface, but there are some edge cases that it doesn't handle well.
@lain wait a minute are you telling me that the public client API is again not documented? :vince:
@feld There's a streaming event that's not documented and the conversation entity documentation is formatted wrong
@ConnyDuck @lanodan If that's something we want bad enough we'll open an issue or send a pull request
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