@ConnyDuck it's still appalling that they didn't do this from the get-go.

@ConnyDuck that said, I don't think we should contribute to their work in any way or shape.

@maloki @ConnyDuck also there are 4 links in the text, but none to Tusky's website…

@Cedara yes. They should have done this from the start though

@ConnyDuck A link to your original was still too expensive it seems. :-/ At least not a direct license violation anymore.
Purism really hasn‘t thought this whole thing through.

Would they have done it without that shitstorm 🤔

@ConnyDuck that doesn't change the fact that they still violated the GPL for the past few days, which in their situation is not just an illegal decision to take but also such an immoral and despisable move to the point where I lost the already little trust I had in their ecosystem and the company itself as a whole and I truly do hope a lot more people will realize how dirty they are and how they had to be threatened and shit on by an entire community for them to release an half-assed blog post that clearly declares their intention to steal and rebrand existing software hiding its origins, but in words so twisted that can only be written by a psycho or someone who thinks their target audience is genuinely lacking a brain.

I missed that part... How did they violate the GPL?

@keverets the GPL requires that forks provide a way to access the original source code. By rebranding Tusky and removing any and all links to anything thay wasn't Purism-branded they violated that point of the license, until today, but the violation still holds all of its legal value, it didn't disappear or suddenly became legal, they did and they still are violating the GPL for the period of time between the first release and the release in which they mention Tusky.
@keverets also fun fact: I slipped in this license when I implemented post collapskng for long posts and nobody noticed, not even me, so both tusky and purism are violating my license. I'm ok with tusky as it was my mistake, purism can fuck right off tho, I asked them to give me credits as required just to piss them off.


I am the dude that turns GPL software into non-Stallman-friendly and I'm really sorry if Conny or charlag had to deal with RMS trying to break into their houses :P

@ConnyDuck I experienced something similar. Luckily the culprits quickly added back the original contributors information.

@ConnyDuck I would insist, that they link to your repository/website. This is the least they can do.

@ConnyDuck …with a first level domain in a fiscal paradise? 😇
Eheheh, it's just a domain, but still that comes to my mind.
@ConnyDuck …or is it? Maybe my assumptions were only valid in the past:
(then again, I don't know fiscal speech quite enough to be sure)

@ConnyDuck *golf clap* There now, was that so hard?

Do they now have the based-on projects named on their website, with links? That's important. They wouldn't even have to be on the main pages, just on the About... pages for the applications, where a person would naturally look for that info.

@leadore There is nothing on the homepage, only in their blogpost and on the in-app about page

@leadore @ConnyDuck it's a logical decision tho: would you pay for something if you knew that everything was free, had more features by default and was just as secure? I wouldn't and I think nobody would and Purism most likely thinks that too.

@hellpie @ConnyDuck I don't see it that way. The idea is you're paying for their hosting services and a built-in integrated suite of apps that you don't have to find for yourself comes with that.

BUT removing apps' features and hiding where they came from kills that goodwill dead for FOSS advocates, many of whom do pay to support open source over proprietary hardware/software. Lots of us would *love* to buy an open-source phone with linux on it, but not if it's locked down/secretive.

@hellpie @ConnyDuck

To expand on that a bit, people who would say "I can get the apps free" would also say, "I can get hosting for free", "I'm willing to find the hosting and apps myself" -- they weren't going to be Purism customers anyway.

People who /would/ pay for hosting and convenience of the apps are likely either convenience customers or FOSS advocates wanting to support a FOSS company.

Being open about the apps' origins wouldn't deter the 1st group and is mandatory for the 2nd.

@ConnyDuck @leadore its good they are at least now mentioning that their app is based on tusky. They should do more to give you credit though.

@ConnyDuck Would it kill them to add a link to Tusky like they did for their own website too? Looks untidy imo

@ConnyDuck As long as they made the source code available, they didn’t necessarily violate the cornerstone of #GPL, through attribution is always the best way to go.

@ConnyDuck Sorry for causing you so much trouble over the past few days. I assure you we didn't have malicious intent and it was just a oversight in the process of this launch.

Outside of the notices that are in the application now, are there any places that you feel are missing appropriate attribution?

For what it's worth, we elaborate on the reasoning behind doing a fork for Librem One client apps here: puri.sm/posts/how-purism-works

@kyle @ConnyDuck

A link to tusky.app/ in the beginning paragraph of the about page and everywhere you talk about the Android version of Librem Social and the same for the iOS version of Librem Social that is based on Amaroq github.com/ReticentJohn/Amaroq or itunes.apple.com/us/app/amaroq

also you could mention the original devs hard work in that same page and have a link where people could send them a donation. I know Tusky has an open collective that would probably like to be linked to.

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