For 8 I will finally implement animated avatars

So, the full plan for 8 is:
• fix them bugs
• fix more bugs
• refactor the shit out of that old codebase
• fix even more bugs
• animate avatars
• i guess some bugfixing won't hurt

So thats of course only what I will be doing, im sure other contributors will add more awesome things.
And yes, animated avatars will be configurable and off by default.

@ConnyDuck with the option to stop it for batteries sake?

@ConnyDuck while bugfixing you may also close some issues ? It is always a pleasure 😂

@ConnyDuck this is the single best roadmap I've seen in ages.
Iike features are great, but a bug free experience is worth more.

Thank you for doing great software

@ConnyDuck I thought the animated avatar thing were a joke... but you seem serious. Whyyyy? This doesn’t sound like a good idea, more like a constant distracting flicker on the screen :/

@schokopflaster @knittingsquirrel yes its definitely going to be off by default for this exact reason

@ConnyDuck @schokopflaster @knittingsquirrel ooh thank you so very much 😍. I was a bit worried about this when I saw your toot

@ConnyDuck I updated Tusky today and noticed that it lags when loading toots and often crashes when viewing user profiles. Is this a known issue?

@ConnyDuck When I switch between the Home/Local/Federated tabs, the app starts lagging. If I then open a user profile, the app usually crashes with a "Unfortunately, Tusky has stopped." message. (I'm on Android 6.0.1)

@ConnyDuck Out of interest, is there a set schedule for having an update exclusively focused on bug fixing, like update, update, bug fix, or is it when a decision is made?

@BrokenBiscuit We cannot follow a strict schedule since we have to adapt to Mastodon changes and sometimes random but good pull requests come in. Its usually beta release, full release, one or two bugfix releases, repeat. If we do a bugfix only release we increase the minor, if there are user noticeable changes we increase the major version.

@ConnyDuck Making the app offline resilient should be in there, too.


kindly pretty please:

- avatar of current account in place of burger menu & custom instance colors #670

- quick actions (fav/boost) from another account via long press #517

- possibility to reorder accounts in the account menu #1259

otherwise, thank you for amazing work, i appreciate the minimalism and speed of this app!



Hi, I am trying to set the Tusky app to open external links directly in the app. The corresponding switch has been activated in app settings. But no matter what I do, links are always opened in the external default browser.

Is this a known issue? Thanks.

@dans_root what browser do you have installed? Afaik this only works with Firefox and Chrome


Various browsers are installed, mostly from F-Droid, e.g. Privacy Browser, Fennec (Firefox), Tor Browser, Bromite (Chromium) and FOSS Browser.

FOSS Browser is currently default. Do I have to add a vanilla Firefox for that feature? My expectation would be that the app would use Android's built-in WebView.

@dans_root no it is not using the built-in webview but rather the "custom tab" feature some browsers offer and falls back to opening in the default browser if that does not work.


OK, thanks for the information. After switching the default browser to Fennec, it does open links in an in-app browser tab. FOSS Browser did not support custom browser tabs.

I opened an issue in Github (1307), which you may use to add a corresponding explaination in Tusky's settings for other users to better understand this setting.

@ConnyDuck I don't need animated avatars, so please include a possibility to turn them off.

@Cedara @ConnyDuck as soon as we find a possibility to turn them on! (i'm still skeptical about rounding and stuff)

@charlag @Cedara nah its easy with Glide and a little help from

@charlag @Cedara I already have a working prototype

Oh no… :-( (it's my opinion, do what you it's good for YOUR app)
OH ! great ! That's a very good idea. (animated avatars give me headache)

@ConnyDuck Out of curiosity: What exactly do you need to implement? Like, do you need to send the avatar through an system API “playing“ gifs? Do you need to implement this part yourself? I my concept totally wrong? :D

@esureL we switched to a new image loading library that supports Gifs out of the box, but I hab do disable that to not suddenly introduce animated avatars. So the most work is actually adding the option to enable it again. Also, rounded corners and animations are a bit tricky.

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