For 8 I will finally implement animated avatars

So, the full plan for 8 is:
• fix them bugs
• fix more bugs
• refactor the shit out of that old codebase
• fix even more bugs
• animate avatars
• i guess some bugfixing won't hurt

So thats of course only what I will be doing, im sure other contributors will add more awesome things.
And yes, animated avatars will be configurable and off by default.

@ConnyDuck I updated Tusky today and noticed that it lags when loading toots and often crashes when viewing user profiles. Is this a known issue?

@ConnyDuck When I switch between the Home/Local/Federated tabs, the app starts lagging. If I then open a user profile, the app usually crashes with a "Unfortunately, Tusky has stopped." message. (I'm on Android 6.0.1)

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