Lol who actually thought JavaScript was a good idea 🙈🤬

okay I get it it was once useful for Browsers. But there is no excuse for using it in serverside stuff ಠ_ಠ

@ConnyDuck Same guy who built a ad-(except-premium-ads)-blocking browser with integrated cryptovaluta.

So, eh...

@ConnyDuck netscape. Back then it actually kind of was. But it went on to become the monster it is today, used for stuff, it was never intended to be used for...

@ConnyDuck's not the _worst_ serverside language

@ConnyDuck fun fact: Netscape intended it to be used for that, too, even before it was called JavaScript (when it was still called LiveScript)

@ConnyDuck I feel the same way and so much of the platform I work on normally is now going JS I’m getting tempted to leave it

@ConnyDuck I don't think it's any surprise that a homophobe made it.

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