@ConnyDuck I think it's significantly important to verfy what the impact is for developers, but considering how important and trivial configuring a CI is, especially for open source projects who can rely on GitHub integration with free one-click solutions the main consideration would still need to be around what there is to gain from using Kotlin from a user-facing perspective and in my opinion there should be no price high enough for strong, reliable code, as well as well as the performance that can be gained by leaving lower level operations in the hands of a compiler which might better analyze and structure the code on a per-platform or per-use-case basis, ignoring the cost of "readable code" using common yet extremely expensive Java design patterns.

At the same time, I'm perfectly aware of r/mAndroidDev's opinion and I strongly suggest, to fully take advantage of Kotlin's compiler performance boosts, to split each file in its own module and if possible, further split each function as well, later down the line, before moving to Flutter.
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