Getting quite some reports that shows polls attached to the wrong statuses and statuses liked/boosted that actually are not? This sounds like a serious issue that should be fixed asap, I have never seen it myself however.
Any hints on when this happens or even steps to reproduce are highly appreciated

Is this bug new in 8.0 or have you seen it before? That might be crucial information to narrow the cause down.


Ha! I think I fixed it. There was a - where a = should have been 😶

and the problem was there all the time but was covered up by a bug that got fixed the wrong way and introduced another one. Oh noes.

I should get payed for this, shit is complicated -.-

@cj no, its for contributors who need the money. I have a well paid job, opencollective donations are not nearly enough for me being able to quit that job.

@rhapsodos we have a opencollective, but I won't take any money from it since I have a well payed job (and opencollective doesn't get nearly enough money to replace that)

@ConnyDuck I think I should pay for each bug I introduce, then you can work full-time!

@ConnyDuck if there is a paid version of Tusky i'm ready to buy it

@ConnyDuck When I saw you post about the bug I out loud said "Oh no that's not going to be fun or easy!"

I was right! :(

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