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@ConnyDuck yeah sadly this works both ways though. The opposite team is also HIGHLY toxic in what they do:

@nvsr @ConnyDuck What they want to do is their own perogative, of course. We just make sure we don't enable them any further.

(also, oh look! An easy thread of people / instances to block...)

@kithop @ConnyDuck I'd rather be consistent in blocking than just one toxic side. There are obviously wrong people on both sides (do we really have to pick a side?) as is evident by the recent events.

@nvsr 'Picking a side' in this case boils down to 'literal Nazis' or 'not-Nazis', IMO.

I'd personally be fine with additional Nazi-friendly instances being added to an app-level login block.

Gab, Tusky, + 

Gab, Tusky, + 

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