What poll duration options should be available when creating a poll?

@phessler yes the max duration varies between fedi servers

@ConnyDuck glitchsoc (maybe vanilla mastodon) gives me 5m/30m/1h/6h/1d/3d/7d. I think I generally like those.

@ConnyDuck keep the default values from web client 🤔

@ConnyDuck just the same as in the webinterface. would be confusing, if there would be different options.

@ConnyDuck It would be cool if any value could be entered.Just make some number inputs for days,hours and minutes.The maximum time for normal Mastodon instances is 30 days,10 hours and 29 minutes but Pleroma and GlitchSoc can allow more so you shouldn't hardcode a limit or validate it using the information from /api/v1/instance

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