Oh GitHub is being very shitty again? I should finally move my code somewhere else 🤔
Whats the easiest way of getting my own Gitlab instance? Or are there better alternatives?

Ah ok, looks like Gitea is the way to go. What if I don't want to admin a server myself? Any good services for that?

@ConnyDuck I've set up a gitea instance on my server. Setup is basically "wget it, execute it, done"

@ConnyDuck I personally use Gitea. Written in go, is fast, I like the UI better than gitlab (its UI is essentially a clone of Githubs). There are some downsides however: Updates are manual (by copying the new binary), no built-in CI (but it can send push-messages to external ones), and you'll need a server that you have execute arbitrary code on. Oh and no database migration (last time I tried), so choose your database server wisely.

@ConnyDuck gitea seems easier to maintain as it has fewer dependencies and runs with sqlite...

@ConnyDuck Gitea is very nice, lightweight and in fact looks very much like GitHub 😁

@ConnyDuck i used docker and its p much just plug & play, no complicated setup or administration. gitlab has more features, but needs a stronger machine and is very bloated with shit nobody uses

@dansup @ConnyDuck @tklk Gitea is made for self-hosting, and it's really easy to do so. The only public Gitea instance I know of is

Hey @ConnyDuck :wave:

I'm one of the project leads of Gitea, and can help if you have any questions. Like @trwnh said, is a great option (I think they have a fediverse presence as well, but I don't know if off top of my head). Codeberg is a non-profit org, and one of their founding members is a gitea maintainer. is probably the biggest public install of Gitea. As well as we have


@codeberg @ConnyDuck Any chance codeberg is planning to do hosted git as a service? Like for Gitea? Setup a VPS with Gitea in a few clicks managed by Codeberg. I think there's some interest in that, at least if you're not hosted in the US.

@stevenroose @ConnyDuck can you share some more background? What would be the use case for independent (non-shared, non-federated gitea instances)?

Well, we hope they will federatie in the future.
The use case would be that with regular backups the instance could be moved to another service provider easily. Plus they can be hosted on a custom domain and branded custom for the project.

@ConnyDuck have a look at After the beta phase they require you to pay (very moderate amount).

@ConnyDuck Nice!! Looking forward to contribute to Tusky on Gitea maybe?

@melunaka for now it will be only for me to try it out, but yes maybe

@ConnyDuck I've lost my motivation after an error on my first attempt and 5 min of work. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@ConnyDuck There is! @codeberg is a not-for-profit Git hosting service based on Gitea. Definitely a worthy home for Tusky.

@ConnyDuck Gitlab is relatively easy to host and administer thanks to their Omnibus package. The only downside from my point of view is that you need a medium sized server for it not to be slow.

@amdg2 @ConnyDuck Exactly - GitLab requires some juice from server and based on my experience cannot run on small ARM devices like Raspberry Pi or even Odroid. Whereas Gitea runs very fast and also has handy "mirror repository" function 👍

@ConnyDuck eh? What happened to github recently? Didn't notice anything yet

@Groosha they are supporting ICE (the government org who put children in cages in the USA)

@ConnyDuck I'd recommend Gitea. GitLab is a nightmare to install and maintain.

@ConnyDuck probably a docker container, or using the gitlab omnibus distro packages, which already include everything.

Since I maintain both gitlab (at work) and gitea (for the hackerspace) I can say: What's better depends on what you need.

gitea is simple, small and easy, updates are just replacing the binary and restart.

gitlab has all features you could possibly want, but it's a monster. Needs at least 4GB RAM, has a lot of dependencies (postgres, ruby, go, node, yarn), Updating manually takes at least 30min - but the docs are good - so it works without problems.

It's propably quicker and easier with the omnibus packages - but when I first installed it they didn't exist

@ConnyDuck In case you didn't see this already, Gitlab just did this, so Gitea is definitely the better choice:

@ConnyDuck wow there are too many replies on this post to check, but have you checked out gitlab instance hosted by riseup

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