Found on : Aurora Droid, an alternative Client for Fdroid. Has some usability problems but wow looks so much better than the official F-Droid client

@espectalll @ConnyDuck
Hey we are all for choice of clients. Please make more of these! 🙂

@fdroidorg @espectalll @ConnyDuck I did quite like the G-Droid UX and rating system, but there haven'rt been new releases in 6 months.

@ConnyDuck I find G-Droid to be the better one atm.

@niam @ConnyDuck

Sadly Aurora Droid is still missing F-Droids "unwanted features" part.

@ConnyDuck And hopefully less buggy (by which I mean non-functional buttons after installs for example)

@ConnyDuck yeah it's part of a bigger project that also includes Aurora Store (an alternative store to access the Google Play Store's apps) and it will be great I think when some of the problems are fixed


I find that it's search function doesn't ork as well / find as many results as g-droid, though.

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