I got invited to GitHub Sponsors. Should I join? 🤔

@ConnyDuck Depends on what personal information they are asking for.

@ConnyDuck What's in the small print? Do they take a share if you sell something you coded? Are the rights for something you coded still in your hands?

@Cedara Does not look like there is more than payment processing fees.

@ConnyDuck Okay. Make sure you know everything if you agree on it. :)

@ConnyDuck I'd say yes, but not as the only donation possibility.

Why? GitHub is apparently working on monopolizing on not only code, but also everything around it.

@ConnyDuck Can we donate to the OpenCollective to 'migrate off of GitHub for Gitlab/Gitea/whatever self-hosted thing works for you and don't look back' instead? :)

@ConnyDuck I'd stay away personally, looks an awful lot like trying to make people more dependant on their platform.
I'd move away or at least not get in any deeper especially since it's Microsoft-owned.

@ConnyDuck I'm with everyone saying consider an alternative :)

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