Developing could be a fulltime job

@ConnyDuck If you want it to be, and the donations/income make sense for you, then I wish you the best of luck if you're considering it! It's a great app. ❤️

That said, if the *workload* is a full time job but it's not going to pay the bills, well... that's a common story, sadly, and I hope you're at least able to find enough people to help with the workload.

@kithop oh I meant it in the sense of the workload, its not gonna pay any bills sadly

@ConnyDuck idk, I think like the most features are there now? Sure, now and then there are new APIs and there are bugs we are yet to solve but there's no dire need in till the virgin land.
I know it takes so much time and effort from you now and we update things perhaps more often than most proprietary apps but I hope it'll get easier. I should not be married to work and help more but it needs a lot of love too 😅

@ConnyDuck like, if I think of big things we miss I can think of
1. streaming
2. timeline markers
and that's it probably. Sure, would be nice to rewrite some things but... it works?

@charlag yeah it works, but its far from where I want it to be. The code is so outdated and things like offline behavior, media viewing, performance, first-use experience, ... are all so bad. At work we have way less issues and 2 fulltime devs.

@ConnyDuck maybe I'm just used to be understaffed and have barebone apps *shrugs*

@ConnyDuck like *two* people working on *one* Android app? I've never worked like that I think, lmao. It's usually more like "here are 3 apps and also here are all other parts of the stack, good luck". Now I have only one app but I'm still all over the place at work

@ConnyDuck I just noticed that "hide boosts from this person" was added some time since I started using Tusky; thanks for that! it was the one thing I found myself having to fall back to the official UI for, and now I don't!

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