Just merged three new translations for : Islandic, Kabylian and Slovakian
I don't know who did these but its super awesome?

In case you did not know, everybody can help improving the translations of on our Weblate:

@ConnyDuck Thank you for telling, I just fixed a singular/plural error in the French translation ("Favorite" was translated as "Favoris" instead of "Favori")

@ConnyDuck Where do people have Kabylian as their native language? Is that the native language for Kabylie - a region in Algeria?

*is curious*

@Cedara @ConnyDuck Yes. It is also extensively spoken in Morocco. Also known as Amazig and under other names.

You may have heard the denomination "Berber", which the community doesn't like because it is a typical allonym (a name given by foreigners expressing that they don't understand the language, somewhat derogatory)

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