Newest nightly is very close to what will be released as Tusky 10 beta soon. So if you are a nightly tester, now is the time to send me all your feedback!

If you are no nightly tester but would like to become one, check our FAQ for more info on how to:

@ConnyDuck Are scheduled toots supposed to be solid right now? Because uhh...

@Tak I haven't tested them thoroughly yet, but they should work in general, yes

@ConnyDuck Yesterday, I tried to schedule a toot for 10 minutes in the future and it never posted - somebody else tried, and it posted theirs immediately

@Tak yeah I tried to schedule an answer but it also never posted. Without answering it works fine though. Will check whats up.

@Tak looks like statuses that are scheduled less than 5 minute in the future either never or immediately post, depending on server version 🤔
Tusky sends everything correctly, but no idea how to implement that 5 minute thing yet :thinking:

@ConnyDuck Oh, is the scheduling server-side? (I didn't look at the implementation yet)
Can we just block scheduling in that invalid window on the client?
Also, are you sure it's 5 minutes? In my test case, I had tried 10…

@Tak yes the scheduling is serverside. The 5 min is from the api docs.
I would like to block this timeframe, but Im not sure how to do it

@ConnyDuck "show more" button doesn't work on notifications screen.

I wrote a 600+ chars toot, and when a person favs it, it appears on Notifications screen with "show more" button. Pressing it does nothing.

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