@ConnyDuck Testing now ; I'm not a fan at all of the new horizontal separation :/
Last view was clear and simple : why this choice? :(

@dada ah yes those got slightly lighter. Its not intended, I didn't notice it. Will revert for the next version.

@ConnyDuck @dada Oh, that's good to hear! That was the first thing I noticed this morning when opening Tusky. Didn't even know it had updated :P

@ConnyDuck "You can now schedule toots."

Bring on the shitposts about setting a toot for 5 years in the future so that when we start up an old phone, the entire Fediverse will know about it. 😂

@KitsuneAlicia @ConnyDuck I'm pretty sure it's scheduled on the server (and only supported in newer versions of Mastodon, not sure from when, though).

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