11 will be able to show link previews in all timelines (thx @Tak)
Now the question is: Should we make them opt-in or opt-out?

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@ConnyDuck @Tak Are the previews loaded from the linked website itself or from the mastodon server?

@sheogorath @Tak from the mastodon server, only the preview images have to be loaded additionally

@ConnyDuck @Tak Are those images then loaded externally? If so, I would say opt-in, if everything is pull from mastodon and the mastodon image cache/proxy services, I think opt-out is fine.

@sheogorath @Tak previews come from whatever url the server provides, for Mastodon it should always be from whatever they use for all other images

@ConnyDuck @Tak Then I would recommend to make it opt-in. (just in case you wonder, also voted like this)

It would disclose people's IP-Addresses to those pages, which is not great. I wonder if you could integrate it with the mastodon client feature for URL-previews doesn't pull them from external pages.

@sheogorath @ConnyDuck @Tak The problem with opt-in is discoverability. My preference would be to have it opt-out, but to put the images behind another tap (like a CW image at the moment) by default, with a setting to remove the extra tap. After a few times of showing a preview image there could be an unobtrusive prompt to change that setting.

@ConnyDuck @Tak Is there a reason you don't use the image and data provided from the `card` field that you get for an toot from the API?

I mean it would also contain an image URL for preview-images that don't leak people's IP addresses.

@sheogorath @ConnyDuck That is exactly what we do, and I'm not sure why people keep assuming that it isn't 🙂

@Tak I noticed when looking into the source code. I guess I got confused by @ConnyDuck|s statement about third-party images :blobfoxconfused:

Anyway, in this case I'm fine with opt-out :blobfoxthumbsup: Great work

@ConnyDuck If it's unobtrusive enough (given space concerns) and since it's generally privacy-preserving (no external requests), I'd argue for following what Mastodon does.

Either way, I'll be enabling them since it offers useful context for links that folks provide without description. Having to open each toot to check if there's potentially a link preview winds up using more time.

@ConnyDuck It should be noted that these are the same previews you already see if you open the detailed view for a post today

@Tak @ConnyDuck Do I get it correct that this preview download (from the mastodon server (cache) happens currently only if I dive into the details, but then in #tusky11 would happen as soon as I view the timeline? Then please make this opt-in: there are folks with 8GB phones out here... happy for each byte _not_ prefetched. Or is there a config to cache into sdcard? That would be fine...

@ConnyDuck Honestly, as long as it has an option to disable and has no additional privacy implications, it doesn't really matter to me what the default is. :blobfoxhappy:

Are the previews loaded from the mastodon instance or by connecting to the linked website directly?

@jeybe @ConnyDuck They're loaded from the preview card image url embedded in the status, which on mastodon _should_ always be on your instance, as I understand it

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