11 beta 1 has just been released. No big changes this time, but quite some polishing and neat little features.

What do you think?

@ConnyDuck I'm sad that Pleroma emoji reactions were postponed to Tusky 12 but other than that thanks for your work on this great app!

@ConnyDuck seems like the new strings haven't been published to Weblate yet.

@ConnyDuck Excellent! The English texts in the Norwegian translation are hurting my brain 😜

@ConnyDuck How long does it usually take to add a new language for translation?

@laterL There are currently 420 strings with over thousand words in the Tusky project. I guess it takes a while to make a good translation for that.

@ConnyDuck I mean, the new language must be approved by the administrator (only after that I'll be able to translate the app)

@laterL I did not get a request, what language do you want?

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