People in Google Play reviews are wondering how Tusky can stay in business when it sucks so hard

Also they demand to see their posts metrics to measure their impact?¿?

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And the freeze peaches from gab are still whining its hilarious

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@piggo @ConnyDuck it sounds really funny but I wonder if they didn't mean "commercial activity"

@ConnyDuck negative review of Tusky: wow this vacuum cleaner makes terrible coffee


Yea, they expect everyone to accept their bigotry, else it's censorship.

They even forked Tusky, but are still bothering the original devs while using their work :/

@ConnyDuck This reminded me to update my review from last year, that mentioned the lack of boost confirmation, scheduling and more tabs. Those are now a thing, and I really appreciate Tusky having those features now.

Sadly I just can't give Tusky more than 5 stars... Ah well!

@ConnyDuck btw who is "keyless palace"? - f-droid says my #tusky is made by them 🤔

@guntbert its the domain name of the original Tusky author. I already told F-Droid to change it a while ago though.

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