What should be the default setting (of course everybody will always be able to switch in the preferences no matter the result of this poll)

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@ConnyDuck Honestly I love it when the most-accessed controls on mobile are at the bottom. I would use the crap out of this option. :blobfoxaww:

@ConnyDuck looks great.

I had same idea but post button was embedded into toolbar like a button, without that "Windows Vista orb"-style. But I abandoned this after all.

@ConnyDuck 馃 unorthodox but looks real nice...
I would leave top bar but hide it on scroll? (not like you asked for input, just a thought)

@charlag I tried hide on scroll and it is really cool, but it doesn't work on the notification fragment because that one has a nested CoordinatorLayout :(

@ConnyDuck maybe we don't need a panel there them, filter button in toolbar and clear in more menu?

@ConnyDuck it removes the ability to asd more things to the bar. It already needs an overflow menu

@ConnyDuck looks good, don't think it'd affect swiping between columns.
Might help those on larger screens

@bull500 @ConnyDuck that's what conny said 馃槈
But the default (prior to any user decision) must be set by the developer 馃憢

@ConnyDuck Even though I am used to top nav now, I think there is something to be said for bottom nav bar for purely logical reasons. The way a phone is held makes it simply more accessible if it is at the bottom, and I could see myself getting used to that and enjoying the improved access.

However, this point is negated simply because you can swipe to switch between the tabs, so perhaps it's better to keep top nav the default to not annoy happy users and keep bottom nav an option.

@unicorn @ConnyDuck I can only recommend to take a look at Firefox Preview. Default is navigation bar at the bottom and that's so nice once you get used to it!

@ConnyDuck hmm ... I don't get the difference between collapsed and expanded toolbar (1,3) vs (2,4)

@guntbert the topmost bar is shown/hidden (the one with the drawer toggle and the search icon)

@ConnyDuck ah, now I get it - the tabs bar is moved one row down - may I ask for the reason? I have to admit not to have looked at the PR 馃槑

@guntbert This is actually how Tusky looked in its first version before the search was removed and the drawer toggle was merged into the tab bar because it took too much space. I think then nobody thought about making the top bar collapsible.
This time it is coming back mostly to visually balance the bottom bar, but we figured it doesn't hurt to have it with the top bar as well. Also it is often requested to have faster access to search.

@ConnyDuck makes sense 馃憤
That brings to my mind one thing I have been thinking about for a while: I'd like to see which of my accounts is the current one. Would it be possible to show the Avatar on the top bar?

@ConnyDuck @guntbert another reason I want to mention is option to refresh via menu for a11y reasons and maybe some other things we need a place for

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