I would love to work on Fediverse apps fulltime

@ConnyDuck thanks for your work, mate! More people need to back @tusky! It's the best Mastodon client!


So where's the LibrePay / Patreon link for people to contribute towards making it happen? I don't see anything on your profile.

In app is fine and all, but why miss an opportunity?

@ConnyDuck I'm currently working full time on F-Droid. But this is because I have enough savings from the last few years to not worry about income for a while. Not because this pays the bills in any way :-/.

@ConnyDuck I'd love to work full time in FOSS. Actually due to Marcus (OpenPush dev) presentation I knew about a German institution that funds innovative projects developed by people paying taxes in Germany. Sadly, I pay mine in Spain, where there is no such institution nor equivalent :-/

@ConnyDuck I think I can work on some things, I used this weekend to work on Pinafore because I don't like making multiple PRs in parallel but now I largely achieved what I wanted and I wait for feedback on Pinafore so I will do something for Tusky. Maybe improving media viewer or caption edit would be nice.

@ConnyDuck having you full-time would be amazing but even eugen doesn't get that much money from patrons (there are sponsors too though)

@ConnyDuck ok I take my word back, I checked and it's not bad now

@ConnyDuck is this the right #Liberapay project? The fediverse address for you is different.

@mattbk it was. The preferred way to donate to Tusky is now through opencollective

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