The new hiding top bar in nightly has one problem: It doesn't integrate well with the options bar in the notification tab. As far as i know it is not possible to have both bars do the hide-on-scroll. Ideas how to work around that problem are very much welcome because its one of the few things blocking us from doing the next Tusky release.

@ConnyDuck Maybe:
– Put both actions in a three dots menu
– The notification chooser becomes a modal working like the notification filter bar in Mastodon Web but as a list for better readability and touch-friendliness
– The notification type (filter) is precised in the title of the bar which hides on scroll

@ariasuni but what to do with the three dot menu when the notification tab is not active?

@ConnyDuck Can’t the three-dot menu be part of the title bar so when you swipe you know it’s a menu specific to the notification? Seems pretty logical to me but I’m not sure how it fits in Tusky, in the Android guidelines or if people would understand/like it

@ariasuni yes it could but it would make the search button juamp around 🤔

@charlag @ariasuni to refresh the current tab? 🤔 There is already pull to refresh for that

@ConnyDuck @ariasuni it's an a11y requirement, no way to do it with screen reader eg unless you swipe with two fingers or not possible with some other manipulator like keyboard

@ConnyDuck always show the options bar in the notification tab? This doesn't make it less space efficient than now, and you can find a better solution later

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