There were times when a new major Android update meant tons of new existing stuff, but they have long passed.

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@ConnyDuck fuck, I never even got Android 10 on my Nokia 8 :(

@ConnyDuck still on 9 will never ever see 10 on this device.., 😳

@ConnyDuck both android and ios are very mature, and there is not a lot to add onto them nowadays. nowadays its mostly just polishing

@ConnyDuck agreed. a good ol' ui refresh wouldn't kill anybody

@ConnyDuck these days it's "here's how we will redesign recents menu again and how we will lock everything down even more.

@charlag @ConnyDuck
Turning the corner from features to fuckery happened in M and N, I think. Lots of power management "enhancements"

The scare quotes because I'm *still* salty about the deprecation of GCM

@ConnyDuck I think we're at the stage where glass slab phones have pretty much matured & Android as an OS has too. I don't expect a big flurry of innovation until foldables and/or XR really take off. Until then, I think it's a worthwhile endeavor to refactor and improve all the underlying layers 👍

@ConnyDuck android seems matured haha bt i guess its more than that, its a software lock in, now seeing android phones in whole new way and expanding its capabilities to whole new level has become difficult, this shows new os with new concept needs to be written, google is working with Fuchsia

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