There were times when a new major Android update meant tons of new existing stuff, but they have long passed.

@ConnyDuck are the emojis not enough new and exciting enough? /s

@athairbirb oh wait let me check
omg they look all different 😨

@ConnyDuck both android and ios are very mature, and there is not a lot to add onto them nowadays. nowadays its mostly just polishing

@ConnyDuck agreed. a good ol' ui refresh wouldn't kill anybody

@ConnyDuck these days it's "here's how we will redesign recents menu again and how we will lock everything down even more.

@charlag @ConnyDuck
Turning the corner from features to fuckery happened in M and N, I think. Lots of power management "enhancements"

The scare quotes because I'm *still* salty about the deprecation of GCM

@ConnyDuck I think we're at the stage where glass slab phones have pretty much matured & Android as an OS has too. I don't expect a big flurry of innovation until foldables and/or XR really take off. Until then, I think it's a worthwhile endeavor to refactor and improve all the underlying layers 👍

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