As the CEO of "Conny Duck's late night hacking sessions™" I am proud to announce the newest fediverse app:

Pixelcat is a beautiful and fast Android client for the fediverse. It focuses on images and is primarily intended to be used with @pixelfed but it works with @Mastodon and as well (everything that speaks Mastodon api).
is free and open source (GPLv3).

I had the idea for about 2 years ago. The domain was registered on 22. March 2019 😅
So I am really glad I made it this far, but there is still about 40% missing for a real release.
Funfact: I just wanted to know how to get a gradient behind the status bar and try some new AndroidX libraries, not build a new fediverse client, but one thing lead to another

Pixelcat is 100% written in Kotlin and utilizes coroutines for async stuff. I tried to write super readable and concise code but I don't know whether I achieved that. Its now only about 10k lines of code which is not much imho.

So the plan is to implement all the features listed in the repo readme and publish dev snapshots as often as possible. Once thats done there will be a public beta release on @fdroidorg and Google Play.
Note: The dev snapshots will not feature database migrations and thus will need fresh installs to work.

Given my current speed with the project that might take some time, since I will definitely not abandon Tusky and I have other hobbies like painting as well.
But now it is public and you can help! How? Download the first build and give me feedback:
Read the contribution guidelines and get in touch with me if you can contribute code!
🧡 ❤️

@ConnyDuck for Pixelfed? Where can I sign-up for beta testing?

@ConnyDuck fyi the red and orange circle emoji you're using in your readme aren't colorblind acessible, I have weak red/green visibility and they're already a bit hard to differentiate

you could maybe use 🔜 and ⏳ or ⏩

@ConnyDuck awesome! Is there a known issue with Pixelfed's 2FA?

@ConnyDuck @michel_slm 2FA isn't tied into the pixelfed OAuth properly, so that's why it doesn't work. It would require quite some changes in the pixelfed authentication implementation apparently.

Apps shouldn't require any changes though, so as soon as it's fixed on the server apps will start working 🙂

@PixelDroid @ConnyDuck ah, I might turn it off for now so I can test the apps then. Thanks!

@ConnyDuck Was about to open an issue about media descriptions - happy to see you already did that! That would be the main reason for me to use the app over my current solution (website in sandboxed browser "WebApps" app). It's way to hidden in the webui imho.

@ConnyDuck Oooooh, this is nice! I’m really looking forward to it!

@ConnyDuck I wish that lil' pixelcat was my login splash screen for everything :ablobcathappypaws:

@ConnyDuck really looking forward to this! 💖💖💖

@ConnyDuck this is great! When you do release, please don't forget fdroid:)

@ConnyDuck @pixelfed @Mastodon @crossgolf_rebel and for all those early birds who want to try this early (ahem, ahem) bird (?) but also get updates ASAP without actively looking for them everyday, there's… wait (still syncing)… ah, there's:

Yay! 🎉

(Couldn't resist a manual sync, didn't want to let you wait :awesome:)

@ConnyDuck a fast cat you've got there. Went straight up the roof:

(if you want updates to the description, or having basic fastlane structures prepared, just ring! I've started setting up Fastlane structures here anyway, to have the graphics visible in my repo)

@ConnyDuck @IzzyOnDroid Oh this is nice. I just connected this to Mastodon, so I may be missing out on some more specific features, but I really like how clean the feed looks in this app.

@ConnyDuck Eager to test. I wish I knew Kotlin to be able to contribute.

Just installed and logged in. It is much better than what I expected. You are on right track my friend 👍

@ntnsndr @ConnyDuck @pixelfed @Mastodon no, because :birdsite: uses proprietary APIs instead of ActivityPub, which is what most of the Fediverse is based on, including :pixelfed: and :mastodon:. although, if you are looking for a Twitter client, you might want to check out Twidere: - I used it for some time, and it works great

@ConnyDuck Hey it's cool. I wish you can get the design idea from for UI in the future.

@ConnyDuck it's beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍 So if I install the app and point it to my mastodon server, it'll make it look kinda like Instagram? 🤔 Do I understand that right?

@ConnyDuck Wow okay, I tried it and it's gorgeous. Very good tool for maybe convincing people to ditch insta.

Things I'd like:

1. Filter or toggle between text-only/image+text posts.
2. Sensitive image blurring.
3. Local/federated/home timelines.
4. Double-tap to like images.
5. Other stuff you're probably already working on :P

I'm not an android/kotlin dev (I do golang/Scala and server stuff) but I'm going to look through the code tomorrow... Very exciting project!

@ConnyDuck @pixelfed @Mastodon

When you get to some stable milepost, please consider putting it on!

@ConnyDuck Do you have .apk somewhere I didn't find, or currently it's "build it yourself from source"?

@threed there is an apk linked on the github release page

@ConnyDuck love the name! Anything cat themed is awesome by definition...

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