What is a good "save on server" icon? Please don't say floppy disk. I'm asking for the account note feature that I am adding to .

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@ConnyDuck a cloud with an arrow up
or alternatively that stack of discs thing people use for "database"

@ConnyDuck maybe like a tray with an arrow like this. Or better use a symbol for a storage disk instead of the tray

@ConnyDuck that or the icon used to mean "post toot" maybe?

@pfx that was my initial idea, but I'm afraid it would imply one is sending a note that the displayed account can see

@ConnyDuck use it and change the "Note" text to "Private Note" or something?

@ConnyDuck it's okay but not perfectly clear. Another idea could be just a checkmark. The simplest and clearest solution would be to just put the text "saved" somewhere. I think that's how the web interface for masto does it


In Mastodon's web interface it's really unclear what this is so it would be nice if you could do better 😅 I'd like to have a more clear label like "Your private note". And regarding to the icon: I'd choose the check mark ✔️ because those save and upload buttons are kinda scary to the user. He fears that if he enters something wrong and uploads it to a place he doesn't know he might not revert this action. The ✔️ on the other hand is a friendly and harmless button that doesn't betray u

@ConnyDuck maybe a checkmark, hollow or greyed out vs filled in? Or just a "save" button like the "toot" button

@ConnyDuck yeah the cloud with arrow seems good to me

@ConnyDuck first time I heard of it is your "toot" just now

@piggo you can save a note for every account that only you can see, like why you blocked them etc

@ConnyDuck mk I don't think that's a thing here, I guess it's new?

@ConnyDuck How about having a pencil, clicking it to edit, then save via checkmark icon?

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