I am never sure if features like that would really be used in and how to best design them (and it should not be one person deciding), so I would be glad about additional input and ideas.

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@ConnyDuck This gets a huge +1 from me. I keep removing Tusky (and other apps) from my phone because I notice I spent too much time with them.

Bundling them into one toggle has benefit of being able to enable another set of defaults without needing to go through a lot of different settings and needing to make decisions about them.

@Bubu @ConnyDuck sorry to ask but I do not understand the purpose.
I am doing this directly in the notification setting of the device. So, in my head it is a duplicate. This is why I am thinking I don't get the point.
Can someone explain what is the purpose and how it should be implemented (from user POV) please?

@ConnyDuck I think worth looking at how Pinafore does this, for a long time too

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