This release should make Tusky a LOT more stable hopefully 🤞

@ConnyDuck More stable than it already is? How is that even possible?

@t_aus_m according to my reports, 12.1 crashes in 1% of sessions 😳

@ConnyDuck I never had any problems :) Thanks for all the efforts you put into making this awesome app!

@ConnyDuck does the .onion support still in wip ? Or does it forgotten ?

@ConnyDuck were you guys able to track down that açcessibility bug?

@ConnyDuck it's not using SemVer, do I read that correctly?

@morre first number changing means there is a change in functionality, second number means bugfix/translation improvement. SemVer does not make sense for software that does not provide an API imho (there can't be breaking changes so it would stay at 1.x.x forever).

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