Sooo how is 13 going?
Asking because I am in the process of preparing 13.1 and I don't want to do a 13.2

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@ConnyDuck it is going well , the addition of the instance announcements to the app is neat

@ConnyDuck same bugs as usual. Tab indicator pointing to notifications, while home screen is shown when starting the app. Inability to transparently switch between 4G and Wi-Fi.

@ConnyDuck I should probably fill issues in GitHub but I sadly have no time for this between work, kids and my wife.

@ConnyDuck feels very smooth to me. If there something you are especially worried about?

@nicolai no, just want to make sure I don't miss something


At least three users of are having problems with 13: it crashes again and again, sometimes just after opening the app, other times when reaching to a certain toot in the timeline.

We have downgraded to 12.

@desertorea @aldatsa

@porru @desertorea @aldatsa that is one of the reasons why I release 13.1 😉
You can switch to Tusky Nightly in the meantime where it is already fixed

@ConnyDuck great, eskerrik asko! (eskerrik asko means, thank you very much in Basque).

@aldatsa @porru

@ConnyDuck works great!
i'd wish, that the hashtags-tab would work with many(10+) tags or that you can have more tabs per account.

@ConnyDuck Works flawlessly for me, I didn't even notice it got updated.

@ConnyDuck The accessibility label is missing for the navigation drawer button.

@ConnyDuck been on 13 for a bit, haven't had any problems at all. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

@ConnyDuck just want a open in tusky button in Firefox -.-

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