@ConnyDuck i prefer the grey-ish main content, the light color works better as an accent for me.

@ConnyDuck kinda nicer actually, makes more sense from a design standpoint 🤔

@ConnyDuck white background helps the main content to get more attention, so I guess it's smarter.

@ConnyDuck white background makes the content look better but makes the top bar kinda weird.

I'm a dark mode kinda guy anyway so 🤷

@ConnyDuck Hm, I prefer the white main bg for the actual content and a different colour for the header but I'm not entirely comfortable with this blue-ish grey 😕 If I were you I'd adapt the design methods of the big companies because they've got always very modern looks. I'm sorry I haven't got a specific suggestion for you

@ConnyDuck grey background is nice! How about a poll 😜

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