13.1 is out with some fixes, and nightly will already receive the first Tusky 14 features for testing with the next update.
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@ConnyDuck @a1batross @garritfra what is the deal with all the numbers at the end on the tusky repo? 13.1-0fbb4e97 is the version. Why is it not just tusky 13.1 or tusky 14.0-beta1?

@n0btc @ConnyDuck @a1batross the gibberish is the commit the build is based on. It basically describes the latest snapshot of the codebase.

@n0btc @a1batross @garritfra it is the hash of the commit. This way it is possible to say which code exactly the app is running. Has helped quite a bit with debugging. On regular releases we set tags in the repository so there we don't need the hash.

@ConnyDuck @a1batross @garritfra btw, thanks for labeling the drawer icon. If i run across other accessibility issues i will bring them up. Hows the fix going for the actions menu not appearing if talkback isnt on at app start. I hope that i am not to irritating with little accessibility niggles

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