What is your favorite Android app that is not ?

@ConnyDuck Hmmm, I'm not sure. A tie between:
* Open Sudoku
* RadioDroid
* NewPipe
* Noice

@ConnyDuck Can’t decide between the inbuilt timer and kdeconnect.

- Schildichat (element fork)
- Molly IM (signal fork)
- k9 email
- jitsi

@ConnyDuck There's many. Nova Launcher. Delta Chat. Simple Voice Recorder. FairEmail. Telegram. Firefox. Storytel. Locus Maps. GPS Status. Libra.

@ConnyDuck K-9 Mail, Firefox, Nextcloud Talk and of course Signal :android:

@ConnyDuck Going by usage time, mine has to be Librera Reader

@ConnyDuck Tough one, as many dimensions are involved.

As for clarity, use case and customization, I like both Feedly (RSS reader) and Podcast Republic. I'd like to replace both with FOSS versions at some point in the future, though.

@ConnyDuck Probably AntennaPod or Standard Notes :)

AntennaPod is a simple podcasts app:

Standard Notes is a simple encrypted notes app:

@ConnyDuck button mapper. It does what it says, map actions to buttons for example long press volume down to enable the flash light. I'm using it all the time

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