@ConnyDuck what's the path forward? Will all dependencies need to move to Maven central?

Such a shitty move, and only a few months notice...

@ConnyDuck i appreciate how a corpo wrote this.

:blobfoxdrakedislike: yeah our new bosses don't want ot pay for this so we closed it.
:blobfoxdrakelike: here's how breaking your workflow streamlines the platform
@ConnyDuck >Bintray

That's not a good news.

Well, anyway, thanks JFrog, you were actually good.
@a1batross @ConnyDuck what was bintray. it looked like dropbox but read-only?
@icedquinn @ConnyDuck it's artifacts storage.

You could push packages(binaries) to it in automated manner (in fact just by curl) and make it into repository. Not only Java developers used that but also C/C++ devs (Conan) and it was even used as DEB repositories for various projects.

For example, Termux use that as main repository.
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