Not on though, they can't build with Gradle 6.8.1 🙄

@ConnyDuck come on, this is so F-Droid-ish

I guess there isn't a recent enough version of gradle in debian repos...

@ConnyDuck Do notifications work without Google Play services?

@ConnyDuck I tested the beta version. The big bug is I can't mute an account. Yes I can push the button mute and confirm for how long i mute him but it's still not mute (sometime it show message "something wrong happended...)

@duy which button do you use to mute? Does it work with Tusky 13?

@ConnyDuck The "three-dots" button behind his toots. It's works fine in 13.1. My instance is running Mastodon v3.3.0

@duy I cannot reproduce it 🙁
What Android are you using? Can you maybe share a video of the bug?

@ConnyDuck I'm using Android 10 on Samsung A20. Sorry I cannot install a camera app on the phone so I'll wait for offical release and test it again :blobwizard:

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