I get this bug (scheduled toots not sending at the scheduled time) reported again and again. I think there was a discussion here whether it is a server or client bug, but I can't find it anymore :/

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Anway, I would like to finally have it fixed. Please send me all information that might help, especially instructions on how to reproduce it reliably.

@ConnyDuck I had a really strange bug on my screen. Basically there were post you know when I just basically scrolling Tusky, so like a "ghost" feed appeared on my basic feed an another one which not moved. It looked like an another layer of feeds that not moved anywhere when I scrolled. I couldn't reproduce the bug.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 9 latest security update

@ConnyDuck I remember one of my dwarf fortress bots posting an entire year worth of scheduled posts at once when it was fixed

could still be broken in other ways though

@ben fixed? In Mastodon? Do you happen to know in which Release it was?

@ben @ConnyDuck It was definitely broken for me (well at in January.

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