They don't seem to understand that one can view any content with Tusky and that it is not possible for the app developers to check any of it.

Maybe it is also due to some Gabholes mass reporting the app again?

Anyway, I am super angry right now and don't really know what to do 😭


here is a screenshot from play console and the screenshot they attached which seems not to be related at all

I have to work until 17:00 cet, will figure out what to do then.
Thx to all of you wanting to help. What I could need is some reports of similar problems and what worked in order to resolve them.

I posted a draft of the appeal message in the Tusky matrix chat, can anyone who is better at such things have a look at it?

@ConnyDuck does this mean Google has to ban their own Mail app because it doesn't force you to accept every terms of service on the internet

@uint8_t @ConnyDuck I feel like Google still has no idea what the fediverse is

they probably think it's a website

@ben @ConnyDuck makes sense; they wish that email would also be a website

@uint8_t @ben @ConnyDuck

Well, they have changed the way email behaves in their world - which is what people think is the internet - enough that it now _is._

They can't do that to the fediverse, so they'll just remove any mention of it.

I predict mastodon things being pushed further down in search results coming soon, but... maybe I'm being overly negative...

@ConnyDuck writing to heise and wired can help a lot. Press is the language these companies speak.

@Bobo_PK @ConnyDuck and maybe promote fdroid more? ^^ i only use the Playstore if i have to. every other app i get from fdroid

@Bobo_PK @ConnyDuck It’s a good thing Mozilla writes about The Decentralized Web of Hate on their blog about various decentralized platforms being a haven for extremists and supremacists such as yourself. It’s a good thing The Guardian thinks open source is inherently racist, misogynistic, and fascist which most likely I think you’d agree, but I’d think you were a shining example of hypocrisy and nothing less. It’s a good thing the media is already against you.

@ConnyDuck hum, from that screenshot, I can see it is a grqb froma animalliberarion, which is a Alex Gleasson special (he is a terf)

@ConnyDuck Ahhh they want us to show terms? But it's only relevant for signup, not login…

@charlag @ConnyDuck can you even sign up through tusky? i only ever used it to login after the fact

@piggo @charlag you can click on "signup" on most instances login screens, that's where they must have gotten that screenshot from

@ConnyDuck All the best to resolving this!

Matrix (Element and other clients) had a similar problem very recently. For them it seemed to help to send them a a variation of the following text:

@ConnyDuck where is that for review? Does it make sense to check the rules for browsers? The same rules would theoretically apply to browsers which can be used to the web interface of Mastodon servers, right. So there should be a way to formulate the stuff UGC compliant.

@ConnyDuck as many have suggested, adding a notice that the app is not affliated with any server and does not endorse any content etc should be enough

@ConnyDuck Google doesn't understand decentralization and that there's no central Tusky server. Keep up all the great work on Tusky and boycott Google.

@ConnyDuck Maybe showing your own app's EULA on the app's first use would satisfy Google?

@Gargron @ConnyDuck I ask people to accept the rules of the instance before adding it, which seems to satisfy Apple's equivalent rule.

(You may want to take that into account for the official app as well, it might not get through review without it!)

Nightly is still up and they didn't remove the main version from my device, which has happened before.

The "unrelated" screenshot is the terms of use of a specific instance

The shortest path to compliance would be an interstitial in the role suggested where you state that using the app involves registrating an account with third party services, which will have their own terms and conditions which the user will be and to read and agree to, and tusky is neither affiliated with nor operating in the capacity of recommending specific account providers

@ConnyDuck That same requirement exists for the Apple App Store.

The way I fixed it was to make sure the user has a way to read the rules of an instance before adding it, and then requiring them to click through a dialog that says that they accept those rules as the terms of use.

It is a little bit weird, but also I think it's not an entirely bad thing either. It does force people to think about what the rules of an instance are, and that they do exist.

@ConnyDuck You are right. In their minds, the business model can only be: 1. user generates content 2. I own that content 3. I am responsible for that content 4. I make someone els clean up the mess (or at least automatize it)
But very probably, they have improved their automatic detectors and as others suggested, it expects an EULA screen or something. The message is surely coming from a service. I have no idea whether a complaint can ever get to a real human... or whether they care at all.

@ConnyDuck Google started to delete random apps with the same issue. It also happened to a Twitter user, I like it that one person recommended him to switch to F-Droid and make the app open source. So yes, F-Droid saves the day again #FDroidSavestheDayAgain
: -)


I guess this means Chrome will be removed until users are prevented from uploading videos to PornTube.

@ConnyDuck Is the highlight on the first picture yours? It seems to me the issue might be more so with the second point... Someone misunderstood the difference between the server's terms and policies with the app's terms and policies... It seems the app policies can't be more free than Google Play's own?

@ConnyDuck lol Google not even trying to look legit in the slightest why am I not surprised, I’m glad they’re getting sued around the world for how they treat devs, fuck Google

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