Thank you all for the support and kind words <3

@ConnyDuck Can confirm. Der Nightly war lustigerweise durchgehend da.

Typical. I'm guessing brigadeering on the report app button based on the recent #GitHub pull requests.

@charlag same. I hope it was just a faulty automated check and never happens again.

@ConnyDuck wasn't there a screenshot too?
I think it's reported by… someone *trying to point at the latest PRs*

@ConnyDuck I noticed a few weeks ago when seeking an app to connect to my lovely kolektiva.

@ConnyDuck Were any changes made to the app to try "fix" whatever "issue" Google had?

@ConnyDuck excellent news! Something good from the whole ordeal though, it caused me to start looking at Mastodon again 🤔

@ConnyDuck What you do is awesome! Thank you so much and congrats! Just a heads-up, I was looking through the comments of @alex troll post, hoping to rub it in that Tusky's back up, when I saw this and thought it might help to show Google if this happens again. Keep fighting the good fight!

@pants did they just volunteer to get their instance on the blacklist 🧐

@ConnyDuck Perhaps they just really like Rick Astley? 🤨

In seriousness though, I think they do like getting banned. It validates their narrative of "white man being persecuted" while that persecution never seems to make them give up any power.

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