This time Google threw Nightly out of the Play Store. Because ... it impersonates another app 🤡

I hate to deal with things like that but let's just hope it was a automated check and a reasonable human reads my message like last time

Oh, they didn't actually throw it out but rejected the update

And nightly is back on Google Play with a new update for you to test! Actually it is the same as the Tusky beta which should also be available soon

@ConnyDuck did they check whether both apps were published by the same person

@ConnyDuck I know they aren't the same original publisher but aren't you publishing tusky now?

@ConnyDuck can't wait to see them take down chrome nightly for impersonating their highly popular web browser

@BollerwagenPicard weil man dann nicht beide Apps gleichzeitig installieren kann

@BollerwagenPicard @ConnyDuck weil Leute ohne playstore dann nicht mehr nightly testen könnten

@BollerwagenPicard @ConnyDuck nope. Ich zieh meine APKs über Aurora aus dem Playstore, ganz ohne Google Dienste auf dem Handy

@ConnyDuck @BollerwagenPicard mit der letzten nightly stürzt der client ab wenn sich der OAuth redirect öffnet bei der Erstanmeldung. Bin deswegen grad auf Stable gewechselt. Da klappts

Hope they restore your app in the Play Store soon. On the other hand, 🤔 I think it's nice that they try to stop copycats.

@piggo @ConnyDuck similar case with Dash Electrum: banned for impersonating Bitcoin Electrum. Reading MIT license aloud didn't help.

@akhavr @piggo They should ban Chrome Beta & Chrome Dev as well then 🙂

@ConnyDuck When this sort of thing happens you know that there is no longer anyone in the Play Store division of Google who understands software deployment. It's probably just all marketing people now.

@ConnyDuck I saw that the bug report about muting not working was closed but as you may know, Mastodon’s release schedule is unpredictable the situation is very annoying…

Would it be possible to use some kind of workaround, because most mutes aren’t temporary? I would totally understand if you think that’s too bothersome…

@ariasuni yeah that bug sucks, I hate it. I asked Garg 2 month ago and he said the update is coming "in the near future" 😒 😒 😒
I will try to get a workaround into Tusky 15

@ConnyDuck Yeah apparently there are other, more critical issues with Mastodon right now but still no idea when a bugfix release will come…

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