For some reason Google Play is not showing me any crash reports for 15 beta, so I am hesitating to promote it to stable...
The update was published though. Did everyone who opted into beta testing receive it?

@ConnyDuck bei mir crasht die Beta (letztes Update for 3 Tagen) weiterhin wenn ich versuche den account erstmalig anzumelden

@Bobo_PK kannst du mir die genaue version schicken bitte?
Welchen Browser verwendest du?

@ConnyDuck verwende Firefox mobile mit ublock origin Plugin im incognito mode

@Bobo_PK hab jetzt genau die versionen installiert und kanns reproduzieren. Wird demnächst gefixt

@ConnyDuck i'm using Tusky Nightly is that what you call beta ? if so last update is from may 5 here
@ConnyDuck oops, Google just changed its mind and now says May 9

@Oz no nightly is nightly and beta is opting in for beta updates on the other play store entry.
Nightly has about 500 users and its quite untested stuff while beta has 2500 users and should be more stable

@ConnyDuck, Do you have crash reports on the F-Droid build? Or is that also an anti-feature that will be marked accordingly?

P.S. I just switched to the Play Store beta version.

@walter No I don't. This would require some custom crash reporting solution, and with Google Play I get it automatically. Usually there are enough reports coming from Google so I don't need any from Fdroid

@ConnyDuck yes, I have 15.0 beta 1 from the play store

@ConnyDuck die Beta bei mir crasht wenn ich versuche eine Bildbeschreibung einzugegeben

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