uhm @fdroidorg did you really mean to raise the minSdkVersion of your client from 14 to 22 in your latest alpha? That is a lot of versions that are suddenly no longer supported.

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@kithop @fdroidorg ah thx, did not see that. So it seems this change was indeed intentional.

@ConnyDuck @kithop @fdroidorg going with 22 at work now as well, don't want to being SSL impl just for 21, the app would become 15 times bigger

@ConnyDuck @kithop They seem to have thought about it:
«Before making the switch, we should make sure that the current fdroidclient is working well on Android older than android-18.»
«F-Droid v1.11 would stay working for a long time, so old devices can stay on v1.11 and have a working F-Droid. Someone could even maintain a stable branch off of 1.11 for old devices.»

@ConnyDuck @fdroidorg Should've raised it to 32768! The future is now, plebs!

@ConnyDuck @fdroidorg in my opinion this is actually part of the problem with android. Apps support to many old versions.if fdroid will require android 5 now thats 6 versions behind current and soon to be 7. I could see supporting the latest 4 (android 8 Oreo) and above.

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