@ConnyDuck @fdroidorg Wow that's great news! No need for the privileged extension then anymore I guess.

I'm willing to bet this is to reduce the drive into antitrust investigations because "look we do stuff for alternative stores!". But I'll take it, good news regardless of the reasons.

@artectrex @fdroidorg The privileged extension still makes sense for the cases were it would prompt the user anyway. Its mostly a huge improvement for users on non-rooted devices

@ConnyDuck @fdroidorg Yeah I hadn't looked at the quite list of requirements yet, lots of apps on F-Droid won't be able to use it (although it sure will give more of an incentive to update the target API)

@fdroidorg Thanks for the info. As I understood, the privileged extension (which could benefit from being mentioned on the tasks tab maybe) needs rooted phone, which I don't have... anyway, I understand that the extension adresses unattended updates, while my main point would be already fixed if fDroid would aggregate all the confirmation clicks into one "update all" button.

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