Oh hey its a nice day why not REWRITE TUSKYS WHOLE TIMELINE LOGIC πŸ™‚

@ConnyDuck refactoring is painfull. It worked fine for 2 years, why the rewrite?


@Bobo_PK a lot of reasons, but primarily because there is a new library that takes away most of the hard parts. The old stuff is so difficult to maintain and slow

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@ConnyDuck @Bobo_PK the old code was unreadable untested mess (which also didn't work in some cases), I attempted to rewrite, ended up doing too much and breaking many things. Now Conny is doing it properly

@charlag @Bobo_PK @ConnyDuck currently I can't follow e.g. news bots because they fill the timeline and I miss post of humans. The "load more" button behaviour is "suboptimal".

@andredo @Bobo_PK @ConnyDuck so you need to press "load more" a lot?
Ignoring the fact that maybe it is a task for lists maybe we should fix that instead of changing that number

@andredo @Bobo_PK @charlag In the first iteration there will be no difference for users

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