Very good news: I just merged the pull request I was working on for the last months
👉 Complete refactoring of the timeline loading logic (which is basically the heart of the app) with Kotlin & coroutines
👉 Squashed some bugs within the timeline
👉 Code is now way cleaner than before, which should make adding new features faster and bugs easier to spot

This also means there will be a new release soon.
The code will be in the next nightly, I will try to fix all bugs that are reported asap and then create a new beta release. The new beta will probably be a little bit longer than usual due to how critical the changes are, but then it is time for a full Tusky 16 release.

Very important: If you report a bug, please mention in which timeline (Home, Local, Bookmarks, etc) it occurred, this will make it much easier to fix.


thx to everyone who helped with this @charlag @Tak @Tusky

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@ConnyDuck I'm glad that you had it in you to re-do the whole thing once more, that was some epic effort. Hopefully we can iterate easier now and get rid of all the Java.

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